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Surface Sanitiser

Geller MedicShield Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant 750ml Spray


Geller Medicshield Hospital grade Surface Disinfectant 750ml Ready to Use Spray Bottle. 

MedicShield is a hard surface cleaner and sanitiser that is proven to be effective against a range of bacteria, fungi and viruses that can cause disease especially in those that are in a weakened state. MedicShield is specifically designed so as to be pH neutral in use, and triggers no Hazno Classifications so it is safe for the user and the environment where the product is been used in. 

Great for disinfecting intensive care units, operating theatre equipment, blood spills, telephones, benches, chairs and more.

MedicShield is Suitable for the following:

  • Hospitals 
  • Cleaning applications 
  • Aged Care Centres 
  • Dental Surgeries

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Medicshield 750ml

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