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Surface Sanitiser

SteriGENE® Concentrate Disinfectant Range - CLEAR & GREEN


High Level Disinfectant and Cleaner. SteriGENE destroys bacteria, fungi, protozoa, spores and viruses, including COVID-19.

SteriGENE® is a mixture of halogenated tertiary amine and organic salts <15%, polymeric biguanide hydrochloride surface active agents corrosion inhibitor, chelating agents, stabilising agents and demineralised water. SteriGENE® is free of aldehydes, chlorine and phenols and is concentrated for on-site dilution.

Micro-emulsion particles carry disinfectant molecules through
cell walls
At the heart of the all-new SteriGENE formula are the micro-emulsion particles (Nano particles) that enable the active ingredient molecules in the product to be carried rapidly through cell walls of micro-organisms.

Rapid penetration of cell walls by the powerful SteriGENE disinfectant constituents ensures cell death is equally rapid. SteriGENE works up to 70% quicker than conventional high level disinfectants and achieves apoptosis (cell death) rather than merely suspending activity as with
conventional disinfectant products.

Micro-emulsion particles can enter microscopic surface fissures
Because the Nano Particles can enter areas like microscopic fissures and crevices in hard surfaces, which have not hitherto been penetrable by conventional carrier systems, disinfectant actives are able to spread across a complete surface area, to perform a far more thorough anti
pathogenic cleansing task than was previously possible.

The synergistic blend of SteriGENE active ingredients produces the fastest acting and most efficient anti viral and sporicidal agent presently available in non-oxidising disinfectant technology.



For general disinfection on non-soiled surfaces, use at 1 part concentrate in 200 parts water. Rinse and dry before use. For disinfection and cleaning in the presence of soiling, remove organic material and use at 1 part concentrate in 100 parts water. Rinse and dry before use. For use in the presence of blood or other body fluids, use at 1 part concentrate in 20 parts water. Rinse and dry after 5 minutes. May be used on most hard surfaces including food preparation areas. Avoid contact with polished wood. For laundry soaking, use 1 part concentrate in 20 parts water for 30 minutes. May be used in washing machine (50mL for 4kg loads).

Available Range:  

Clear = Fragrance Free 500ml Ready to Use Spray Bottle 

Green = Citrus Fragrance 500ml Ready to Use Spray Bottle 


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