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Our medical gloves ensure New Zealand is in safe hands

Medical Gloves in New Zealand

Disposable Gloves are commonly used in a range of Healthcare, Cleaning, Automotive, Hospitality and Food Service settings. If worn correctly, Gloves provide a protective barrier against germs and bacteria while also protecting the users sensitive skin.   

When choosing the right Gloves for your organisation consider quality, sizing, protection offered and any allergens.  We can supply a range of styles and sizes to ensure your staff and customers are in safe hands.

Whether you are in need of Nitrile Medical / Surgical Gloves or a more day to day use Latex or Vinyl Glove for everyday use we have a full range of Gloves available to meet our clients needs. 

Browse our range of Medical Gloves to view product information or contact us for advice about which gloves are right for your organisation.

Can't find what you're looking for? 

We work with suppliers of medical consumables in New Zealand and overseas. If you have specific product needs, we can work with you and our partners to source the healthcare supplies you need. Contact us to find out more.


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