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Surface Sanitiser

Geller MedicShield Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant 500ml Aerosol


MedicShield is a hard surface cleaner and sanitiser that is proven to be effective against a range of bacteria, fungi and viruses that can cause disease especially in those that are in a weakened state. MedicShield has application in Medical, Dental, Aged Care and Laboratory.

Highly effective alcohol-based sanitiser which also contains our Unique MedicShield disinfectant to give additional sanitising power. MedicShield Aerosol includes the additional Power of Alcohol which will kill most bacteria, including mycobacteria, and is effective in concentrations over 60%.

Alcohol has particularly good activity against viruses such as herpes, HIV, Influenza, and Hepatitis B&C with moderate activity against Hepatitis A. It has also been shown to be effective in disinfecting surfaces contaminated with pandemic viruses such as Ebola and SARS Coronavirus and has some activity against Norovirus, Ebola virus, and several coronaviruses. The Journal of Hospital Infection concludes: Human corona viruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces for up to 9 days. Surface disinfection with 62-71% Alcohol significantly reduces corona virus infectivity on surfaces within 1 min exposure time. We expect a similar effect against the SARSCoV-2.

MedicShield is Suitable for the following:

  • In Intensive Care Units
  • In Operating Theatres 
  • For Blood spills 
  • Telephones 
  • In Dental and GP Surgeries 
  • In Laboratories & Pathology Clinics

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MedicShield 500ml Aerosol

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