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Surface Sanitiser

Clear Protect Ultra Cleaner & Sanitiser Surface Wipes


Clear Protect Ultra Wipes has a near-neutral pH, making it cost effective and gentle on all surfaces while still providing excellent protection. Successfully tested against Covid-19. 

May be used on all hard surfaces found in hospitals, medical clinics, offices and food manufacturing and sports facilities.

Features and Benefits

  • 99.99% Effective Against Covid-19
  • Near PH Neutral
  • Gentle On Surfaces
  • Tested Against Bacteria, Viruses & Mould Made in New Zealand

Directions for Use

Clear the surface to be wiped and sanitised. Remove any gross soils by manual scraping and discard hygienically. Apply neat using the wipe over the entire area. Leave to evaporate.

Safety and Approvals

SDS availabe on request.

    • MPI APPROVAL: C 38
    • MPI Approved for use in farm dairies.
    • MPI Recognised for use in dairy processing.
    • Halal Certified.
Clear Protect Ultra Wipes

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