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The Help-It® P2 Respirator is a single-use, disposable ‘duckbill’ style respirator. It provides respiratory protection for the wearer from the transfer of micro-organisms, body fluids, and particulate material. 

Sold as a Box with 50 Masks for cost effectiveness. 

Intended to protect against mechanical and thermal generated particles.

  • AS/NZS 1716:2012
  • BSI Certified Product - BMP 692299
  • AS 4381:2015 test method ISO 22609


Instructional Video for how to put on the mask:


Fit Testing

Please note there is a requirement for clinical staff and oral health practitioners to receive training in fit checking and undergo fit testing before use of an N95 or P2 or equivalent. Fit testing is unique to each individual and one specific mask may not be suitable across all staff. Some factors which influence fit pass rates are age; weight; face length and width; lip length; nose length; and bridge width.

This Competent RPE Fit Tester Register can be accessed here


Help-It Duckbill P2 Mask Help-it P2 Mask Box

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