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Hand Sanitiser

Kemsol Microban Gel Hand Sanitiser 500ml


Sanitising Hand Gel

Powerful ethanol based hand sanitiser that evaporates leaving hands dry, sanitised and feeling great without the need for a towel or air dryer. Can be used once hands are washed or between washes on a regular basis to maintain sanitised conditions.



Dispense 2-5mls of MICROBAN directly onto hands neat and rub hands together to give an even coverage. In food processing plants, the sanitiser must only be supplied from a fixed, metered dispenser located a sufficient distance from the processing line to prevent product contamination. Hands must be clean before the sanitiser is applied (this includes washing the hands where necessary).


Under Good Practice Protocol based on accepted international research an undiluted solution of this product is recommended with liberal application on clean hard surfaces with a minimum contact time of 1 minute. (70% W/V Ethanol)


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Kemsol Microban Sanitiser

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